The term leporello refers to printed material folded into an accordion style pleat. It was often used for story telling in the Victorian era.

Your assignment is to illustrate three separate consecutive single image pages that tell a story.


– a passage of time

– a panorama

– a visual list


Comic Pages

Illustrate an event or an occurrence in comic form. Multiple pages containing multiple panels. Comic can be as long as you choose and in any medium. No more than three pages.
– a fight
– a chase
– a break up
– a reunion
– a theft


The Great Reveal

Illustrate a person or subject with two sides. The second side should reveal something unknown about the first side.

You may portray the duality in a single illustration, a two-panel illustration or two separate illustrations.

ExamplesCharles atlas
– Zoom in/ Zoom out

– Before/ After

– Reflection

– Good side/Bad side

– Inside/ Outside

– What Lurks Below


MoCCA Ad Contest

artist correspondence school vintage ADThe Illustration Dept. needs an ad for the MoCCA Souvenir Booklet and we want YOU to draw it! Please submit your Illustration to James Ransome by March 5th. The illustrator of the winning selection receives FREE BUS FARE to the MoCCA Arts Festival, April 5th. Art Specs: Any Size & in Color (CMYK).