Web Comic

1971_draw_winky_ad_2There is room at the top! (The top of this page) Students are encouraged to submit comic strips to the site. You may submit work that was done last semester. Only work done this semester will be considered as extra credit.

Web Comic Requirements

  • The strips can be either in color or B&W.
  • Your name and the title of the strip.
  • File format: jpeg.
  • 72 dpi
  • 940 pixels wide
  • E-mail one strip at a time to frank.cammuso@gmail.com
  • Please write WEB COMIC in the subject line.




Welcome to ILL 562 a.k.a. Sequential Illustration Concepts.  This semester we’ll be focusing on storytelling. Storytelling plays a crucial part in  comics and illustration. Illustrators are visual communicators. Communication is storytelling.  We’ll be working equally on the images and the concepts. Along the way, you’ll be introduced to some tools and tricks to help convey your message.

As some wise guy once said,  “Every picture tells a story.”Wolf-and-Bunny